SnipLink Legal Information


The links submitted to this application will not be listed publicly, however they're usable by anyone who has the link. We hold no responsibility if the links are found, seen or used by any third party.

The links submitted by the users are not monitored in any way. As such, we hold no responsibility over what the links generated by the application are redirecting to.

We reserve the right to prematurely delete any content submitted by the user at any time.

Privacy Policy

User Data

The application will store user's IP address temporarily using reverse proxy. The IP address is used to rate-limit the application and its API to prevent abuse and spam. The IP address is automatically discarded by reverse proxy and will not be persisted anywhere.

No other personal data is stored about the user.


The links are stored in MongoDB Atlas. Please see their Privacy Policy page for more information.

Links are stored without any additional information about the user.

Once links reach set expiration time, they'll cease to function. Within a few hours from expiration they'll be automatically and permanently deleted from the database, without any possibility of recovery.