Discord and SnipLink

What do Discord and SnipLink have in common?
Well, not that much to be honest. But that doesn't mean they can't integrate!

I am a Discord user myself, and Discord is very friendly towards bot developers. Some time in March 2021, Discord released official Slash Commands support. These commands are easy to use, and very well integrate into websites and WebAPIs - such as SnipLink!

For version v0.2.0 of SnipLink, I've built in a fully custom integration for Discord into SnipLink, so you can shorten your links without even opening your browser!

Getting Started

So you want to add SnipLink to your Discord server?

Luckily that's really simple - much like adding any bot. Simply click the invite button below, pick your Discord server from the list (login first if prompted), and press Authorise button. All is done through Discord's website - SnipLink doesn't get involved until you start using it!

Once SnipLink is added to your server, you can use it by typing /sniplink. Yep, it's that easy!

Add SnipLink to Discord

Adding SnipLink to your Discord Server

Using SnipLink Command

The default usage of SnipLink Discord Integration is by simply typing /sniplink url:<link> into chatbox and sending - Discord will automatically force you to put link in there, as it's required.

Once sent, SnipLink will shorten the link, and send a message back in Discord.

Note that by default, the link will expire after 7 days.

SnipLink Command Example
SnipLink Command Result
Controlling Expiration

One of main features of SnipLink is that links expire, and you control when. Of course you can do it via Discord, too!

To do so, use expiration option. The value of this option is meant to be link lifetime in days. You can also use fraction - for example 0.5 will result in half a day, so 12 hours.
Note that SnipLink will still verify the max lifetime - which currently is 30 days. This value also cannot be 0 or negative - it'd just make no sense!

Expiration Example
Expiration Result
Link Only

By default, SnipLink will display result in a fancy format - this way it can easily give you something to click on, display easy to copy link, the expiration time, and even creation date.
Sometimes all you need is raw link, though. And you want Discord to show preview too. But don't worry, we got you covered.

By setting link-only option to true, you'll tell SnipLink to not generate anything fancy, and simply post the short link as-is.

Link-only Example
Link-only Result

Using Discord UI

Commands are nice and allow for some customization (like changing expiration time). But what if someone posted nasty long link, and you just want to quickly get a short one?

If SnipLink is added to the server, you can right click the message with link, select Apps, and then either SnipLink Beta or SnipLink Beta (Link Only). SnipLink will check if the message is a link, and will shorten it.

Please note that when using this method, the message needs to be link only. If it's not just a link, SnipLink will show an error.

UI Example

Removing SnipLink Integration

If you want to remove SnipLink from your Discord server, go to server options and pick Integrations tab. There, you can find SnipLink Beta under "Bots and apps". Click on it, and there you'll find scary red "Remove integration" button.