What is SnipLink

SnipLink is a public web application designed to turn your long and ugly links into really short ones. Before creating a link, you can specify how long the link will be alive - once the link expires, it'll be deleted from the database permanently!

SnipLink is designed to make each link non-trivial to guess in order to avoid issues I mentioned on my blog. To achieve this, SnipLink uses a free and open source library Hashids to generate your links. This ensures that each generated link will be short, but not very easy to guess!

However, please keep in mind that anyone who has your link will be able to use it. Do NOT use SnipLink to generate links for something you want to keep private!

SnipLink is a hobby project developed by TehGM.

Future features?

This currently is not much more than a hobby project, so I cannot guarantee any specific feature will be added at any point. I'll see how it goes!

I am however thinking of having a login system, which would enable some login-required features. It also could mean that I add premium in future for some special features, in order to hopefully reduce the costs of this project.

But do not worry, core features (so basically what is free now) will remain free. And as I mentioned, nothing about future is guaranteed yet - I'll see how this project goes!


There also are a few things that for sure are on to-do list:

  • Some layout changes to make SnipLink look a bit more unique.
  • Possibly better styling, depending on feedback - sorry, I'm a backend dev, colours are difficult!
  • Make style of API page consistent with main page.


If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to contact me.
(Especially when it comes to styling - as I mentioned, I am miserable when it comes to front-end).


Visit my personal website for info where to find me!