SnipLink v0.2.0 Released!

Still in Beta, but oh so full of goodies! See what's new in v0.2.0!

SnipLink v0.2.0 Released! image

It's been a while since I updated this project - work, other projects and life (both for good and bad) got in the way. But now, SnipLink v0.2.0 is out, and it has some real good stuff in it. 😎

I'd like to note that I still consider this to be a Beta stage. There's still a lot more I hope to add. This update is just one (but important) step forward.

So, what exactly is new?

News Page

... the one you're browsing right now.

Initially I wanted a simple changelog page. However after some thinking I figured it'd be a bit limiting, so instead I... essentially programmed a simple Markdown + Razor blog engine into SnipLink. Yep, never making it too easy on myself.

The news feature will be primarily used for release info and updates, but since it's pretty powerful under the hood, I might end up posting some other kind of news. We'll see.

The technicalities behind this are quire complex, so I might write up a post on my personal blog later on for the interested folks - but no promises.

Discord Integration

News page boring? Okay, I get it, I get it. How about... Discord Integration?

Discord Spinning me round!

Yep, for version 0.2.0 of SnipLink I programmed in a fully custom integration with Discord. That means you can add SnipLink to your Discord server, and snip links with /sniplink command - or even by right clicking a message!

Want to know more? Want to invite SnipLink to your Discord? Want to see what it all means? Are you dead bored and will do anything to kill time?
Well, in either of these cases, click here.

Dark Theme Overhaul

If you use dark theme of SnipLink, you might have noticed that something changed.
Don't worry, I got time...

Yep, dark theme got its colour scheme updated. It looks less puke green now, and probably more slick.
Light theme didn't get such love cause screw damn light themes wasn't that bad to begin with.

Here I'd like to thank ANF Studios for suggesting me the colours I ended up using.
He did it back in April 2021, I am THAT slow.

Other Changes

There also are some smaller/purely technical changes. Read if you care, skip if you don't.

API "Try It Out"

If you're a developer, you might be interested that API Docs Page page now has "Try It Out" buttons enabled for GET requests.
Other request types? Maybe in future.

Database Change

Initially I used DynamoDB for this project. Reason was simple - I wanted to gain some experience.
I did and now I migrated SnipLink to MongoDB.

Okay, but why?
Without getting deep into technicalities - MongoDB is much more flexible and less strangely complicated, while DynamoDB is tedious to program against and... weird.

What does it mean for you? Well, nothing, really. In practice you shouldn't see any difference, maybe besides Legal Information page slightly changing accordingly.
For me it means I can much more easily implement new features when/if I'll want to. So yay for all, I guess?

sitemap.xml and robots.txt

SnipLink now has those. That's all there is to say about this.

Small Easter Egg

Yes, I've hid a small easter egg somewhere. It's a really minor one, has total of 7.5% chances of appearing, and it's on page that you'll rarely ever see, so... I don't actually expect you to find it. But hey.
Will I add more in the future? Maybe, maybe not.

Summing Up

As you see, SnipLink went through some rather significant changes, bringing it one step closer to leaving "Beta" stage.

What's next? Well, I have some ideas, but SnipLink is a hobby side project, so I make no promises.

But stay tuned!
Preparing v0.2.0 was fun! (Well, mostly...)